a. Qualified Faculties:

The Faculties are Professionally Qualified and Appointed after Rigorous Process. They are Trained by the Mentors to Ensure in Depth Knowledge of the Subject as well as the Delivery of Each and Every Topic.

b. Backup Classes:

The Focus of backup Classes is to Support the Students Absent in Regular classes or for Doubt Solving. It is conducted in Small Groups and Provides Personal Attention. These Classes are taken by well Trained Assistant Faculties.

c. Course Material:

Well Research Study Material for all the Subjects is Given. We have the Concept of Work Book to be Filled up on Daily Basis for the Topic Taught.



a. Paper Writing Practice

Paper Writing is Training the Students for How to Write Answers, what Should be Length of the Answer, how to Complete the Paper in Time. Before Exams we Make Students Write at Least Papers in Mentoring of the Expert Faculty in the Classroom with Open Book. This Develops their Understanding the Question and Writing the Appropriate Answer.

b. Question Paper

Question Papers are set in Accordance with the Board Examination Paper Pattern and Mark Distribution, Hence Giving a Child Adequate Practice and Knowledge of the Board Examination Pattern. For class XI, the Question Papers are set in Accordance With Individual School Examination.

Extensive Revision Sessions


In addition to the Regular Sessions, Extensive Revision Ressions are Conducted before the Term Examination to Help the Child Prepare for the Same and also Help to Solve their Doubts.

Parent And Student Counselling


a. Parent And Student Counselling

The Success of a Child at this Level Depends Mainly on Finding a Balanced Equation Between the Institute, Self Study and Family. To Facilitate This, it Becomes Important to have Communication Between the Parents and the Institute so that the Parents are Aware of the Student's Requirements. This Counselling acts as a Stress-Buster for Them.

b. Parenting Seminar

IP Tutorials Organizes Parenting Seminars to Address the Psychological Needs of the Students and to Support them During this important phase of their lives. A team of experts advise parents on how to support their child in this phase and how to motivate them to perform to their potential



IP Tutorials has provided well-designed air-conditioned classrooms with back-up generators to provide a comfortable learning environment at all times.

Career Counselling


If destination is pre decided we can choose the appropriate route. Same way if students are councelled for their career, they are motivated to work hard from the beginning. We have experts giving career counselling to students from class 11 itself.



Performance Evaluation is key to success and it is done by taking regular tests. We take chapter wise test to evaluate their understanding of the particular topic. Term tests are arranged before the exams in the school and full course tests are taken before final exams. Answer sheets are checked in time and marks are given to the students and parent immediately. The records of the mark is maintained in tailor made software and report of the same is generated in the Anroid and Ios app.

Psychometric Test


• Career assessments is based on interest, aptitude and personality of individual help students understand how multiple traits like those of choices, likes & dislikes determine possible success and satisfaction with different career options, and varied work environments.
• The beauty of career assessments, is, that there are no right or wrong answers, there are just answers that sync best with you.
• Before, we go on to understand how career assessments work, it’s important to first know how students today approach career decisions. Broadly, there are two prominent trends as to how students make their career choices.
  i. They identify their ‘interest’ and set off in that chosen path.
  ii. They choose what’s popular and what their friends are going to do.
• Both of these approaches raise more questions than they answer, as both of them do not take into consideration critical elements which influence career decisions in big ways. Thus, a student keeps streamlining towards their best-fit career, with the progression of the assessment, essentially making it easier for students to decipher their true interest and match it to other critical elements like skill, aptitude, personality required to take an informed career decision.
• While some assessments simply ask the student to list their interest areas, and mark their personality traits, there are some that approach questions with situations and psychometric tools that are more scientific, advanced and progressive. The end result of a career assessment is clarity.
• Career assessments not only help you choose what career or streams is most suitable for you, but also promote understanding of self. The testing elements in a career assessment are designed to capture your core – your style, your personality, your aptitudes and more.
• Thus, you have a better understanding of who you are as a person and your strengths and weaknesses, when you go through the analyses and the report. This directly contributes to fitment towards one or more careers.
• Career assessments are designed to help a student discover their innate traits, skills, and talents. A self-assessment, by the student can be particularly helpful to understand their strengths, and areas of development, and finalizing on their career.
The biggest benefit is, of course, better understanding of one’s career needs and possibilities based on who they actually are, and discovering all the alternatives that could work for them. When coupled with professional counsel, career assessments could very well help one draft a roadmap for their entire career. Many students today wonder, if not this, then what? Career assessments not only help a student make the right career call, they also provide the answer to what other domains you can go in, if not a particular one. Thus, at all times, a student has the flexibility of moving from one career domain to the other, if need be.

Though there is no compulsion, but we do suggest a career assessment to be taken at three crucial junctions, for an effective and hassle-free career progression.

While making a stream choice
While making a career choice
While deciding what to pursue for specializations (post-graduation studies)